The Center for Excellence in Aging & Longevity (CEAL) spearheads efforts to meet the current and emerging challenges of healthy aging across the lifespan.

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Facing the Challenge

In our rapidly evolving world, the demographic landscape is undergoing a profound transformation. Older adults are emerging as the fastest-growing segment of our population, marking a historic shift. For the first time in human history, the number of individuals aged 65 and above will soon surpass those under the age of 5. This change is sweeping across both developed and developing nations, presenting unprecedented challenges to social structures, cultural norms, and our perceptions of life expectancy and healthy aging.

In the San Diego Region, the older adult population is on a trajectory to double by the year 2030, with the most notable growth occurring among those aged 80 and beyond. This aging cohort is becoming increasingly diverse in race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Projections for 2060 paint an even more striking picture with nearly one in four Americans 65 and older, the number of individuals 85 and older tripling, and there will be half a million centenarians in the nation.

The pressing question that arises is: How do we ensure that these diverse older adults enjoy healthy aging while actively participating in the social, civic, and economic aspects of life, thereby leading productive and meaningful lives?

Addressing these unparalleled demographic challenges will require adaptive leadership, inclusivity, and innovation. Collaboration across sectors is imperative to prepare for and embrace the “longevity dividend” — a potential 10 to 30 years of life beyond retirement age.

In response to these pivotal challenges, the SDSU Social Policy Institute was instrumental in the creation of the Center for Excellence in Aging & Longevity (CEAL). As an integral part of SDSU’s College of Health and Human Services, CEAL is at the forefront of initiatives to tackle the present and emerging challenges of healthy aging throughout the lifespan. Through collaboration and community engagement with healthcare, government agencies, local nonprofit organizations, philanthropic partners, and educational institutions, CEAL spearheads efforts to meet the current and emerging challenges of healthy aging cross the lifespan.  

Training future professionals and leaders to support older adults is an important part of our work. but it does not end there. 
Sometimes, the most meaningful thing you can do for a person is to help them see opportunities to participate and to engage with their community, and through that, feel valued and appreciated. 
Our focus is to assist all San Diego's older adults to live long and healthy lives of equity, opportunity and wellness.