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SDSU CEAL promotes the opportunity for long healthy lives with purpose, meaning and equity, adopting a holistic outlook on longevity, both extending the number of years and overall quality of life, as individuals age. Our mission is centered on fostering vitality, resilience, and overall well-being.

Our approach emphasizes shared learning, collaboration and partnering with diverse stakeholders including government, community-based organizations, business, and older adults and their families/caregivers across the following key areas for health and wellbeing:

Longevity infographic

The Challenges:

It is essential to address the older adult, family, community, and societal issues that arise from the rapidly changing demographics from our aging population. Our aging population has an estimated extended life expectancy, with approximately 20 years beyond the traditional retirement age of 65. This is known as the longevity dividend, a concept that underscores the potential advantages of investing in strategies that promote healthy aging and productivity during these additional years. This unprecedented lifespan will drive social, health, political and economic changes which will require comprehensive, adaptive solutions that address:

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