Transform your Vision into Reality with SDSU ZIP Launchpad 

By Nancy Verdin, Graduate Assistant, SDSU Social Policy Institute

Have you ever encountered a challenge that you just can’t shake off, sparking the need for a solution? The kind of challenge that triggers the thought, “If only [insert brilliant idea] existed, it could create a significant positive impact.” If you’re a visionary, eager to bring your ideas to life, consider applying to the Zahn Innovation Platform (ZIP) Launchpad program. It’s your path to transforming sparks of inspiration into potential business ventures.

The ZIP Launchpad brings together students, staff and researchers, to foster collaboration in transforming concepts into startup companies. With 35 successful startup teams already emerging from San Diego through the ZIP Launchpad, it’s a proven avenue for turning innovation into tangible realities. Moreover, the ZIP Launchpad opens doors to essential resources, from technology that refines your concept to pro bono legal advice that guides your business, along with opportunities for potential investors and working capital grants of up to $5,000.

Join the ranks of those who have ignited their startup journeys through the ZIP Launchpad and make your mark on the world of entrepreneurship. All majors are welcomed to apply! Application deadline: September 8, 2023. 

Ready to launch? Apply now: