Introducing the Intergenerational Gerontology Alliance (IGA)

Participant and SDSU student having a conversatoin

Exciting news is happening on SDSU’s campus! Emily Tran, one of SPI’s interns was instrumental in the formation of the Intergenerational Gerontology Alliance (IGA) that has now applied to become a recognized student organization. Although the IGA is still working out the logistics for this summer, the students are eager, excited, and highly motivated to hit the ground running. 

The mission of the IGA is to bridge SDSU students, alumni, and those who are interested in older adults with the aging community and organizations in San Diego. Through educating, mentoring, volunteering, and collaborating, as well as engaging in intergenerational activities, the IGA is committed to lifting up the aging population. 

IGA members are committed to:

  1. Bringing more awareness, educate, and share knowledge about Gerontology as a major and topic;
  2. Engaging with other generations through intergenerational activities;
  3. Collaborating with other disciplines on campus to build relationships and advance the movement on diversity and inclusion;
  4. Establishing pathways for mentorship with other students in the aging space; and 
  5. Collaborating with committees that contribute towards making SDSU an AFU.

The IGA welcomes new members to join the movement, be a part of the conversation, and build the momentum to keep this student organization sustainable for many years to come. 

Please help spread the word to all SDSU current students and SDSU alumni. Anyone who is interested in becoming a member can join by scanning the QR code below.

If you have any additional thoughts you want to share with the IGA, please feel free to reach out to Emily D. Tran (President of IGA) at